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  • Weald and Downland Open Air Museum Wood Show 2017

  •   A few images from some time spent at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum last Sunday where they were having the 2017 Wood Show can be found in the following gallery:  Wood Show 2017 Gallery Yes I know these are mostly pictures of steam engines, but they were being used to demonstrate [...]
  • Netley Marsh Steam and Craft Fair 2016

  • Today I visited the Netley Marsh Steam and Craft Fair to see some friend's horses show in the ring as well as taking in the sights, sounds and smells of steam engines, tractors and many other attractions. A few pictures from the day can be found in the gallery here: Netley Marsh 2016 Jon
  • Portsmouth Rural Show 2016

  • It's been a while so I figured I'd post something new to the blog! I have uploaded a gallery of (mostly) unprocessed images from the Portsmouth Rural and Seaside Show here: PortsmouthRural2016 Jon
  • In Memory of Archie and Friends

  • Horses are magnificent animals and none more so than Shires. These great horses were so integral to our past but now few survive other than those cared for by devoted and dedicated people determined to keep them in our lives. It is therefore a great loss when one of these magnificent animals passes [...]
  • Trincomalee - Hartlepool

  • On the way back from Scotland I detoured to Hartlepool to visit Trincomalee. I used to know this old ship as the T.S. Foudroyant when it was based in Portsmouth harbour when I used to regularly accompany my father who worked on board. The restoration work is very impressive and she looks in much bet [...]
  • Scotland 2014

  • I finally made it to Scotland this year with a visit to Argyll and the Black Mountains. Unfortunately the weather was far from kind on most days however the scenery was still spectacular. A few photographs from the trip can be seen below.  
  • A Walk In The Woods

  • A few images from a stroll in our local woods (The Forest of Bere). I was hoping to get more pictures of the butterflies that normally frequent the paths but there seemed to be fewer than usual so I tried more 'static' candidates instead! (P.S. I make no guarantee as to the correct classi [...]
  • Orange California Poppy

  • Yet another solitary flower post. This time of one of my all-time favourites the orange California Poppy! (Eschscholzia californica) I have fond memories from childhood of sliding off the little hoods that these flowers start with and then watching them open up. I planted seeds for this particula [...]
  • Fire Rainbow

  • Fire Rainbow, or to give it the more scientific name, 'Circumhorizontal Arc', spotted during the visit to the Horses at War display in West Sussex yesterday. These are apparently quite rare in the UK. The light aircraft just visible centre left must have had a pretty spectacular view! Wikipedia R [...]
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